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62 Broad Street's rich history makes it the perfect venue for weddings, rehearsal dinners, business luncheons, meetings, and receptions. We have multiple spaces for creative, flexible event planning:  weddings, rehearsal parties, receptions, social events, interior and garden venues.


The Confederate Home and College, a cherished institution in Charleston, was built circa 1800. From 1810-1825 it was the home of Gov. John Geddes. During this time President James Monroe visited here. Before the Civil War it operated as the Carolina Hotel and also housed the Federal Court. In 1867, Mary Amarinthia Snowden and her sister, Isabella Yates Snowden, established a home for Confederate widows and orphans. Later they started a college on the premises. It is still known as the Confederate Home. The spirit of compassion of the Snowden sisters lives on today as the Confederate Home and College is a source of 5 college scholarships and moderately priced housing for qualified residents.