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The Confederate Home and College is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that has a three-fold mission of service to the community:


  • To provide moderately priced housing for qualified residents

  • To provide college scholarships for qualified students annually

  • To preserve and protect the architectural integrity of its buildings and grounds


The Confederate Home and College is dedicated to preserving its structures for their humanitarian use as homes for people in need for the cultural benefits of assisting local artists and writers, and for their historic value to the City of Charleston.  Furthermore, it awards college scholarships annually.


The Home finances its missions through donations from its friends and rental fees from its residents, studios, event facilities.  Its 14-member Board of Control serves without compensation.  Several are the second and third generation of mothers and daughters to contribute to this unique institution.


We appreciate your support.  Donations may be mailed to 62 Broad Street, Charleston, South Carolina 29401


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